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Storm Windows 

Why Storm Windows Instead of Replacement Windows?

  • Reduces air leaks, therefore adding warmth.

  • Adds insulation (heat retention in winter, cooling in summer) and noise control year round.

  • No structural damage to your home.

  • At some point the insulated glass seal will fail in replacement windows. This can be a costly replacement. (Storm windows are not hermetically sealed and therefore do not fail.)

  • Keeps historical homes "Historically Correct," (you retain your beautiful old windows and heirloom glass).

  • Generally does not require carpentry.

  • Installing replacement windows can take from one to three days. Storm windows can be installed in an afternoon!

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No Need To Board Up Windows / Save On Insurance

No need for shutters or boarding up windows in preparation for a storm. Storm windows can help you save a ton on your homeowners insurance, and will usually pay for themselves in 7-8 years



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